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Locations where our activities take place.
  1. Address

    1785 Bishop White Drive
    Newtown Square, PA 19073

    Sub Locations

    1. Pool The EA Pool is located and can be accessed from the main lobby of the Athletic Center (closest parking is lot P4).
    2. Field G (Smith Field, Stadium Turf) Smith Field (Field G) is EA's multi-sport stadium turf field. EA's running track surrounds the turf.
    3. Field H (Grass) Grass field located adjacent to the stadium turf, closest to the North Entrance.
    4. Field I (Grass) Grass field furthest north, located next to EA's tennis court's and North Campus Entrance
    5. Field F (Sonje Field, Turf) Turf field located below the Field G Stadium Turf.
    6. Field E (Grass) Grass field located between Sonje (F) & Alumni (D) fields
    7. Field D (Alumni Field, Grass) Grass field located next to campus South Entrance.
    8. Field A (grass) Grass field located next to campus South Entrance
    9. Field B (grass) Grass field located adjacent to Field A & C (grass, baseball) on the south end of campus
    10. Field C (grass) Grass field located below Field B on the south end of campus
    11. Competition Gym Finished basketball competition gym located on the first floor of the Athletic Center
    12. Field House Multisport indoor facility located in the Athletic Center. Accessible through outside door (lot P4) or inside door on 2nd floor of athletic center
    13. Dance Studio Located in the Athletic Center, accessible through Strength & Conditioning room

    The Episcopal Academy

    The Episcopal Academy is located at 1785 Bishop White Drive in Newtown Square, PA

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